We Bring Your Generosity to Life


LiveGive helps generous people do their best giving, connecting their passions and resources to areas of greatest need and opportunity.

You want to do good. You want to make an impact. We’ve worked with many great-hearted people just like you, people who don’t have the time or capacity to dive into how to maximize their philanthropy dollars. They end up dissatisfied in their giving, writing checks to those who scream the loudest. For those in a business setting, they often pass off their giving decision to someone with no experience or who just wants to get those dollars out the door. People often end up frustrated by wasted time, overwhelmed with solicitors, and skeptical about whether their giving is actually accomplishing what they hoped.

We help your giving match your personal or business objectives. We bring your generosity to life.

Your generosity can be life-giving.

LiveGive can help your giving:

  • Unify your team, family, or company around significant causes.

  • Focus on issues you care about.

  • Become hassle-free—minimizing solicitations, one-off requests, and time-draining demands.

  • Fulfill the impact that matters most to you.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
— Winston Churchill

What We Do

We are philanthropy consultants. We advise families, foundations and corporations on their charitable giving in order to facilitate the greatest impact. We work with you to accomplish three goals: gain clarity, invest strategically, and maximize value.

Who We Work With

LiveGive functions in a role similar to an Executive Director at a foundation or a Corporate Social Responsibility Director in your company. In place of hiring your own staff in either situation, you can contract us to help develop and manage your giving portfolio. 


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